Mining and its importance in the world economy

The mining industry is a very important industry that affects the economy and technical development of countries around the world. It has existed since ancient times, when a person took the first primitive tool in his hand and began mining minerals and fuel resources. Now mining is developing rapidly, a huge amount of equipment and millions of people are employed in the industry, which is not surprising, because in this

Auto Centering Vibrating Screen

Advantages Main Mineral Processing Equipment Applied in Screening Progress Large amplitude, high screening efficiency; Xinhai wear-resistant screen mesh, the service life is 3-10 times longer than steel’s, and 2 times than PU’s; Long service life, low noise and convenient maintenance; The two types of vibrating screen, seat type and hanging type. Product Structure Driven by the motor through the pulley, the eccentric main shaft integrated with the screen box rotates

Round Vibrating Screen(YA)

Advantages Screen mesh is made of wear-resistant rubber with long service life; Screen frame with high strength; Large clearance bearings operating with low temperature lift; Reasonable mechanical structure, low noise and high screening efficiency; Ring groove rivets connection, advanced structure, strong and durable; Large capacity, strong versatility of components and convenient repair. Round vibrating screen adopts eccentric shaft vibration exciter and eccentric block to adjust amplitude. The vibrator installed on

Linear Vibrating Screen

Advantages Small motor power, only 1/4-1/5 of other screen; High screen efficiency; Adjustable screen angle Transferring the small load to base do not need special treatment; Screen mesh is made of wear-resistant rubber with long service life Product Structure DZS linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibration motors. While two vibration motors doing synchronous rotation or counter¬rotation, the exciting force generated by eccentric block is cancelled out with transverse

Tilted Plate Thickener

Advantages The vibrator reduces the blockage by high frequency vibration and impact. Installing underflow valve to increase the concentration of underflow. The tilted plates installed in thickener are good for large equipment and reducing the height which improve capacity by 2-3 times. Prodduct Structure Firstly, mineral liquid is mixed uniformly and then carried into thickener. Secondly, by the action of cohesive and gravitational force, the majority of overflows are overflowed

Rubber Check Valve

Advantages Xinhai wear rubber with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high flexibility, the 0.25 mm Xinhai rubber strip stretches to out of shape until 800% length; the rubber prolongs the service life of the check valve 2 times. The opening is very easy because of the high elasticity of the rubber. 1 kilograms of fluid can easily open the valve without blockage. Relying on external pressure to close valve, clean